Until the late 1970’s asbestos was widely used in all kinds of buildings… domestic, commercial and industrial… for a broad range of applications but, since 1980, its use has been carefully controlled. Today, the issue is more a matter of knowing where it has been used, its condition and what threat it poses… if any. If it does pose a risk, the next question is… what is the best method of treatment?

The solution is never always as straight forward as we would like thanks to the fact that there are three types of asbestos… each posing a different level of threat. Crocidolite, known as blue asbestos, is the most dangerous. Amosite, known as brown asbestos, is next dangerous. Chrysotile, known as white asbestos, is the lesser of the three ‘evils’. However, when looking at an asbestos product you simply cannot tell which type of asbestos it contains. It is here that help is at hand in the form of a highly experienced team of professionals who offer; Asbestos Surveys, Consultancy, Remediation, Removal and Re-instatement.


Asbestos Management Survey

From a Management Survey, we can establish and record the presence, possible nature and location of asbestos and include an assessment of its condition.
Samples are not always taken, so the presence of asbestos is considered presumed unless…   Read more

Refurbishment Survey

This survey is intrusive and will reflect on intended scope of works for a refurbishment project. It is project specific and every effort is made to ensure that there are no presumed samples.
The samples are sent to a UKAS Accredited Laboratory for analysis.  Read more

Pre-Demolition Survey

This intrusive inspection endeavours to describe all ACMS identified within the premises. This requires full access to all areas and may, by necessity, cause some destruction to property and possible interruption to operational activities. This level of survey precedes demolition. Read more



Whilst the word asbestos can conjure up all kinds of anxieties, the fact is that it may not be necessary for offending materials to be removed.   Read more


When asbestos is located but found to be in a stable condition and posing no immediate threat, we provide the appropriate remedial treatment…   Read more


Given asbestos is such a potentially deadly substance, A&E has a full Asbestos Contractors Removal Licence (No. 2080805289)   Read more


The removal of unstable asbestos is a skilled process. We would argue, therefore, that given we have been responsible for the careful process…   Read more