Twenty builders a week die from asbestos

HSE survey revealed the full extent of construction workers’ exposure to the deadly material.

The survey showed carpenters, painters and decorators could still come into contact with asbestos on average more than 100 times a year.
The survey also revealed some common myths believed by those at risk with:
One in seven believing that drinking a glass of water will help protect them from the deadly dust.
One in four thinking that opening ...

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Forty per cent of construction sites fail health & safety spot-checks

HSE is urging the construction industry to ensure basic health and safety measures are in place after a month long inspection initiative, (September 14) found 40 per cent of sites failing to properly protect workers.

Unacceptable conditions and dangerous practices were found at nearly half of the 1,748 repair and refurbishment sites visited by HSE inspectors, with 1 in 5 sites so poor, formal enforcement action was required. Many of the issues found could have been easily prevented with simple, straightforward ...

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HSE’s asbestos awareness campaign

October saw the launch of a new HSE campaign that aims to help tradespeople protect themselves from asbestos.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material which was used extensively as a building material across Great Britain until 1999 when it was banned. It remains in millions of homes and buildings today and can be found in places that you might not expect such as ceiling tiles, boilers, toilet cisterns, guttering and soffits. When materials that contain asbestos are disturbed or damaged, ...

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